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Monday, September 19, 2016

Taking the Plunge

Over the weekend, the boys and I went swimming. They’d been wanting to go for a while, but I’ve been busy. On Saturday, I decided I needed a break, so off to the pool we went.

We were having a great time playing on the kiddie side—the side with the water sprayers and slides—when the lifeguard blew his whistle and said we all had to get out. In a nutshell, they found some yucky stuff in the pool, so they needed to clean it. While they were doing that, we went to the 8-lane pool.

The 8-lane pool isn’t as exciting as the other pool. It’s mainly used for lap swimming. The water is also a lot colder than the kiddie pool. However, it has a diving board, and the boys were itching to try it out.

My kids have had swimming lessons before, so I know they can save themselves if they need to. But at the same time, I never get too far away. Plus, they’ve never been in 12-ft deep water before, so I was in arm’s length if they needed me.

I could tell they were nervous about jumping off the board. On their first trip, they walked to the end, looked at the water, looked at me, wondered if they should actually do it, then jumped in. 

 They were hooked.

They spent the next 45 minutes jumping off the board and attempting different tricks. The youngest attempted a front flip, only to back flop into the water. He only tried that one more time. The second was a bit more successful, but he said it still hurt. The oldest did a front flip also. He only hit his legs, so it wasn’t as traumatic as his brother.

Eventually we were able to head back into the kiddie pool, but the boys didn’t want to go. They were having too much fun. I had to bargain and beg the boys to go—especially since my youngest’s lips were purple because he was so cold.

All in all, it was an enjoyable day at the rec center. I love that my boys aren’t afraid to try new things. They may be nervous and cautious, but they’re ready to jump in feet first. I hope that’s a skill they’ll carry with them through life.

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