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Monday, September 5, 2016

Sweet Dog, New Trick

In our house, we have 4 pets: 3 dogs and 1 cat.

The dogs include 2 Pembroke Welsh corgis and 1 black lab. The corgis’ names are Floki (the red and white one) and Siggy (the tri-colored one). The lab’s name is Ryder. The cat’s name is Alia.

Floki and Siggy when we went fishing.

Floki looking very sophisticated.

This is what I often see when I finish working and get ready to go upstairs.

Me and my babies.

Ryder being super cute.

They are all super fantastic dogs. They have such personality and are spoiled to death. Recently, Siggy has developed a new quirk. She used to always love going into her kennel whenever we’d go somewhere. She was the first one to run down the hall and waited patiently at the door for her treat.

Now, for whatever reason, she doesn’t want to go in. So, I don’t make her. Spoiled remember? Plus, I don’t worry about her. She’s a good girl and isn’t destructive. Floki, on the other hand, if we let him have free reign of the house, he would tear it apart.

Anywho, the first thing Siggy does now when we get home is runs back into the bedroom and waits for me to open Floki’s door. If I’m taking too long, she runs back to find me, then heads back into the room. Once I open the door, she grabs Floki by the ear and makes him yip. It super cute that she wants her buddy to be free, but I wish she was just a little nicer to him when he steps out.

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