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Monday, August 1, 2016

Our New Pet Plant

For Christmas, instead of getting the boys a whole bunch of toys that would get lost in their rooms/toy box, I decided to get them a terrarium.  I got the youngest one with weird plants, like brain plants, some space things, and Venus fly traps.  For the oldest, I got carnivorous plants, so there were Venus fly traps and some other kind of bug-eating plant.

They were supposed to grow from seeds, so we planted them according to the directions, and the youngest's started to grow, but when they reached a certain stage, they withered and died.  We were bummed.  We figured maybe it was because of the cold weather.  After all, plants know the different season.

They've been asking me to get another Venus fly trap because they are fascinated by them.  I knew we didn't want to mess with seeds, we wanted a bigger plant, but I didn't want to have it shipped in the winter.  I kept forgetting about it, but thankfully, the boys reminded me.  We finally ordered our plant.

It's pretty cool.  We've already fed it several time (freeze dried bloodworms), and it's fun to watch the traps snap shut. It's kind of a high maintenance plant, so I hope we can keep it alive for a while.

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