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Monday, August 29, 2016

Back in School

The boys started school last week. They had a half day on Thursday and a whole day on Friday. This week, they will go the entire week.

Thankfully, they are excited to be back in school. They really enjoy learning and hanging out with their friends. This year, my oldest is in 4th, and my youngest is in 2nd.

Since my oldest is in 4th, this is also the first year he gets to play tackle football. He was soooo excited about that. Practices started a couple weeks ago, and they will continue through until the first of October. It should be super fun and exciting.

Fall is definitely creeping into the air. The boys and I have been riding our bikes to school, and both mornings we’ve had to wear gloves to keep our hands from freezing. On Friday, we could even see our breaths as we headed out. Thankfully, with the sun rising, it was actually a really nice morning that warmed up quickly.

I don’t mind the cooler weather. In fact, I enjoy the sound of the furnace running first thing in the morning. It means that winter is on its way. And with winter on the way, snowmobiling is on the horizon.

I hope all of you have a fantastic and wonderful school year! Learn lots and put that knowledge to good use!

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