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Monday, April 4, 2016

We Went to the Zoo…Zoo…Zoo

In the middle of March, we got to go on vacation for Spring Break. We don’t normally get to do that, so this was a treat. We went to Arizona to visit the boys’ great-grandpa. We had a great time.

The weather was a huge change from Laramie. Instead of being cold and snowy, it was warm and sunny. We swam every day we were there, and we got to wear shorts. It was awesome!

We also helped Grandpa harvest fruit out of his trees. He has grapefruit, orange, and lemon trees in his yard, and he wanted us to help him get them down. There were sooooo many grapefruit. We put them on the curb so that other people could take them. There was no way we could eat them all.

This is only part of the grapefruit we got from his trees. There was so much more!

The lemons that came from his yard were HUGE! I couldn’t believe how big they were. We made fresh-squeezed lemonade from them, and it was delicious! He also had oranges, and they were so sweet and delicious. I ate one for snack one day.

Seriously, that's a lemon!

Grandpa also has rose bushes in his yard, which smell delicious, and all my boys picked me a beautiful flower. I felt so loved!

The boys and I also had the opportunity to go to the Phoenix Zoo. I have a love/hate relationship with zoos. I love going to them to see the animals, but I hate that the animals have to be penned up for us to see them. We got to feed a giraffe, ride a camel, and pet goats in the petting zoo. We saw some amazing animals, including about 10 species of rattlesnakes, a tiger, cheetahs, bald eagles, and so many more.

It was so freaking hot when we went. I think it was about 95 degrees, and I was melting. The animals were super hot too. Most of them were laying down in the shade. Thankfully, there was a stand with about eight different flavors of Icees right when we walked in, so we grabbed those. At the end, we got some incredibly delicious ice cream. I had bubblegum flavor. It was soooooo good!

We had an amazing Spring Break, and I had an awesome time hanging out with my family. Did you do anything exciting for Spring Break?

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