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Monday, April 25, 2016

Staying Home with a Sick Kid

I'm home today with a sick kid.  He seems to be doing a lot better than yesterday, but since he had a low-grade fever last night and says his stomach is still bothering him, it's best to keep him here.

I'm not a fan of staying home, mainly because I don't want my kiddo to feel like crap.  I want him to be happy and healthy and bouncing off the walls, but such is life.  I'm sure by tomorrow he'll be back to his old self and doing all those things.

There are some perks to staying at home, though.  One of them is cuddle time.  If there's a bright side to the kids being sick, that has to be it.  I'll take it when I can!

I hope the rest of you have a fantastic Monday!

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