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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winter Break is DEFINITELY Over

Last week was the boys’ first week back to school after two weeks off. It was a hard transition. Throughout the week, they were tired and crabby. It was difficult getting back into the routine. They wanted to be able to be lazy and do what they wanted, not have a structured day full of learning. UGH!

I can’t blame them. I got used to taking naps every day over the break. I was exhausted every afternoon at work. But we all survived, so now it should be smooth sailing until Spring Break.

My youngest had an extra exciting week. He lost his first tooth, and then he lost his second within a few days. He was thrilled to have the Tooth Fairy come, although I don’t think he wants to lose any more teeth right now.

I finally took the tree down yesterday. The boys asked if we could keep it up for a little longer, so I did. Yesterday was my limit though. I was tired of watering it and looking at all the pine needles on the floor. I’m glad the boys had such a great holiday, but now it’s time to get on with our year.

My hope is that 2016 is amazing. I’m sure it will have its ups and downs, but I hope there are more ups than downs. I hope that your 2016 is awesome too.

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