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Sunday, October 25, 2015

There's No Better Encouragement

The boys and I have been reading The Ifs Return--for the second time--and we are almost done with it.  They claim they don't really remember when I read it to them the first time, so the story is new to them, but I have a feeling even if they did remember, they would still be thrilled to read it again.

Their enthusiasm for the story is so contagious.  I wrote it for them and I use their names, so it's easy for them to put themselves in the characters' shoes.  They are invested in what happens and can't wait to get to the battle scenes.  They become disappointed when I finish for the night so they can go to sleep, and beg the next night for me to continue.

They want me to write a third, and I told them I would, but it's a matter of finding time.  I'm thinking over Christmas break.  I have about 9 days off, and when I write my middle grade stories, I like to challenge myself to write a chapter a day.  With about 13 chapters, I should just about get it accomplished.

They are especially excited about the next book because it's going to have zombies.  This was a request on their part, and it worked out that they can be incorporated.  I'm excited to write it on many different levels: the first being that I enjoy writing about zombies and the second because I love to write stories that my kids enjoy reading.

I don't think there's any better encouragement than having kids excited about my stories, especially my own kids.  It definitely makes me want to create more and have them enjoy them for years to come.

“Gage escaped.”

These are the worst words Broden could hear from his big brother Landon—just one day after they battled alongside Slade’s Ifs and his army of forest beasts.

Sure, the brothers had learned to work together to fight and capture the evil If Gage. But, now, Slade has informed them that Gage has escaped!
Fear and distrust have entered the boys’ world. Why should they help Slade if he can’t keep control of his prisoners? Will they be able to fight against a familiar foe? Plus, Landon has more news…

“Gage has magic.”

What kind of magic? Will he use it against them? As the boys are drawn into yet more adventure with the Ifs, they find out just how powerful, and dangerous, Gage’s magic can be.

The book is available on Amazon.

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