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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend Fun

The boys start school on Tuesday, and while our weekends will still be weekends, they'll be busy.  Wrestling starts in the next couple months, then the snow starts to fly.  We'll still be having fun, but it will be snowmobiling fun.

This weekend, we decided to try something different.  We played paintball.  The kids were thrilled that we were going to do this.  They couldn't wait to get out there and start shooting.  I was a bit more cautious about the sport.

I've never been before, and I was convinced after the first round the boys would be done.  Paintballs don't tickle when they hit you.  But, to be honest, depending on where they hit, they don't hurt that bad either.  I was hit in the arm and the shoulder and didn't realize it until we got home and I saw the marks--and yes, they leave marks.

The most important thing to remember is to dress appropriately.  It was recommended that we wear several layers of clothes, which we did, and they provide the face masks.  We also put the boys in their chest protectors, and I think that helped quite a bit.  We're all about being adventurous and fun, but we're also about safety.

The one I did feel was the one that hit me in the knee.  I thought for sure that was going to take me out, and it almost did.  I have pretty bad knees, so it wasn't pleasant.  However, I didn't give up.  Granted, I only played the first round, but I would have played more if that first shot wouldn't have hit me in the knee.

And I have to say that I'm incredibly proud of the boys.  I thought for sure this would be the first and last time we ever played, but they had a blast.  And they got shot multiple times.  They also shot other people multiple times.

When we got home, they showed of their marks with pride.  The oldest keeps talking about how we're going out there for his birthday.  All in all, it was an incredibly fun and exciting day, and I think we'll play paintball again.

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