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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer Is Coming to an End

This week marks the last week of freedom for the boys before school starts. If you ask me, they’ve had some great adventures this summer.

They spent a week at Camp Grandma and Grandpa and got to go the Museum of Natural Curiosity in Thanksgiving Point, Utah,  in addition to going back to see dinosaurs in Vernal.

And, of course, that was all in addition to having fun and hanging out with family.

They got to go camping—which didn’t actually work out because it was raining, but they stayed one night.

We went to Seattle, which was an absolutely amazing time! We got to go to the EMP Museum and see so many cool things, including costumes from Star Wars and creatures from sci fi, fantasy, and horror movies. We went to Vashon Island and trekked to the beach and hiked around the woods.

While they’ve been in daycare, they’ve had a chance to go to the State Fair in Cheyenne, the rec center, and various parks around town. They’ve also hung out with friends.

Phew! They’ve been busy!

Some days, they are really excited about going back to school, and others not so much. But it doesn’t matter because soon they won’t have a choice.

Have you had an exciting summer?

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