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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heroes and Villains Workshop

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to the Big Horn County Library in Basin, Wyoming, to give my middle grade workshop. It was a blast!

The drive was long—5.5 hours to Worland, which is where I stayed the night, then another 30 minutes to Basin the next day. The boys went with me, and without the DVD player, the drive was interesting. They were good for the most part, but boredom set in after a while. On the way home, they decided to entertain themselves by throwing chewed gum at each other. That was fun and games until it got caught in the youngest’s hair. Then it was a crisis.

But I digress.

The workshop turned out amazing! I’m never sure how many people to expect, and it always changes depending on where I am, but for this one, there were 36 kids. (There was summer school going on, so they bussed kids in to participate.) There were also several adult chaperons, but I didn’t count how many.

With that many kids, it could have very easily spiraled into chaos, but it didn’t. They were focused and enthralled with what was going on. They participated and had fun.

It was a long drive for this workshop, but it was totally worth it. I really enjoy talking to people about what I do, and it’s so fun to see children get excited about reading.

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