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Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July Fun

I'm not a big fan of crowds.  Being around a lot of people makes me nervous, so for the 4th of July, the boys and I went Jeepin'.

We are so lucky to live half an hour away from the mountains, and it was a beautiful day to head out.  We explored an old mine, and the boys played in the woods.  On our way back down the mountain, we drove through a puddled, and we all got covered in mud.  It was so much fun!

Later that evening, we had Grandma and Grandpa come over for dinner, and we had a fire in the fire pit.  The boys stayed up to watch the fireworks, but I went to bed because I was exhausted!

I hope the rest of you had a fantastic 4th of July.  What exciting things did you do?

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