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Monday, June 29, 2015

Good Times Were Had By All

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday like I normally do.  I meant to, I really did, but things got crazy.

I had to take my oldest to Urgent Care to have his eye checked out.  It started hurting him on Friday, and then didn't get better through the weekend.  It was swollen, and I thought (hoped) it was just allergies, but it turns out he has a sty.  Nothing major (thank goodness), but it's painful and they put him on some antibiotics.  It should clear up in 7 to 10 days.

That threw my morning off.  But, in reality, the craziness started the night before.  My family and I went to the Demolition Derby on Saturday night.  This was a new experience for the boys and I; we'd never been.  I forgot my phone, which made me aware of how dependent on electronics I am, but I also didn't have a chance to take any pictures. I took a few with my husband's phone, and I had him send them to me, but they never showed up.

We got busy working around the house, and I had a radio interview, so a blog post slipped my mind.  But here it is!

As I said, the boys and I have never been to a demolition derby before, but I had an idea what to expect.  I knew cars drove around and crashed into each other.  When I told the boys this, they were incredibly excited.

"Are they going to blow up too?"

They were a little disappointed when I told them no, but they were still thrilled to see them crash.

We all had a lot of fun.  I honestly wouldn't have thought watching cars crash would be that thrilling, but it was.  Thankfully, no one got hurt, so it made it that much more entertaining.

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