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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Coming in May

The sequel to The Ifs, The Ifs Return, is coming out in May!

THE IFS RETURN takes us deep into the Ifs' underground village as Landon and Broden are called upon again to find the menacing If, Gage - who now has MAGIC!

Meet more Ifs, more fun beasts (including one hungry attack squirrel in the Ifs' underground chambers) and more excitement as the brothers shriiinnnkkk and freeze in time (!) at the mercy of Gage's fierce magic.

Can the brothers save themselves, their family AND save Slade and his village from evil Gage? Read THE IFS RETURN to find out!

I honestly can't believe that May is almost here.  This year has flown by so far!  Soon, the boys will be out of school and summer will be here.  That's going to be fun.  Who's looking forward to summer vacation?

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