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Sunday, March 22, 2015

When the Going Gets Tough

For the third year in a row, the boys are wrestling. But this year has been a little different than the last two. Because of their experience, my husband and I put them in the advanced group.

There were a couple different reasons for doing this. First and foremost, we figured that since they’d been wrestling for so long, they were ready. I watched them multiple times last year get distracted and start goofing off because the practice wasn’t engaging enough for them or because there were so many kids the coach wasn’t paying attention. We wanted them to be great at the sport, so we figured we’d give them the opportunity to be more focused.

The advanced group is definitely advanced. My boys are some of the smallest in the class. They have their days where they don’t want to work and complain about how tired they are and how much they hate being there, but for the most part, they work hard at practice. They stay focused and put in the time and effort.

I’ve noticed advancement in their wrestling abilities, and I’m glad we pushed them to that next level. That’s the only way they’ll get better. But I worry about what the future will hold. Some days I think advanced practice is too much, and they are just biding their time until the season is over and will never wrestle again. I don’t want them to feel like we’re pushing them too hard, but—at the same time—they need the motivation. Otherwise, they’d do nothing but sit around the house and play video games. But there has to be that balance between wanting to do it and feeling like their forced to do it.

In the end, after the season is over, it’s their choice if they want to wrestle again. I want them to do whatever makes them happy, and I will support their decision. My only hope is that they realize they have the drive and ambition in them to reach great heights, and we’ll always be there to encourage and support them.

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