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Monday, April 14, 2014

River Monsters

My boys love to fish.  Even in the winter I hear about how they want to go ice fishing.  If they could make a living out of fishing, I know they would do it.  Because of this love, one of their favorite shows is River Monsters on Animal Planet.  I admit, this show is pretty good.  We all enjoy watching it as a family.  Some of the fish are really scary, but it doesn't seem to affect the boys.

On Saturday, we had some nice weather, so the boys and I headed down to the park.  As you can imagine, their favorite park is the one with the small fishing pond next to Spring Creek.  Of course, we had to walk up and down the banks and look for river monsters.  The boys had a great time "capturing" the beasts of the deep.  (We didn't actually see any real fish, they only caught those from their imagination.)

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