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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Allure of a Puddle

This morning, as I was walking Landon to school, his eyes fell upon a puddle.  The night before, his grandma had taken him to his school so he and Broden could play on the playground.  (Landon likes to show his brother what he does at school and "prepare" him for when he attends.)  While there, she let them splash in the puddles, so they came home soaking wet.  On the way home, soaked to the bone, he says, "Now I know why they don't let us play in the puddles.  I would be miserable all day!"

And yet, that wasn't going to stop him this morning.  I literally had to pull him away from the wet, muddy hole.  What is it about puddles that kids find so fascinating?  What is so fun about being wet and muddy?  How many of you out there enjoy splashing in the puddles?

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